Automatic shape cutting machines

Broad range of cantilewer and gantry, oxygen and plasma , shape cutting machines.
Width of the cut metal sheet:
Cutting speed :
  • of 100 up to 320 cm/min for cantilever machines
  • of 400 up to 1000 cm/min for gantry machines
  • up to 2100 cm/min for special machines.
Cutting process:
  • gas-oxygen
  • air plasma
  • oxygen plasma
  • argon-hydrogen plasma
  • nitrogen plasma
Metal sheet thickness:
  • non-alloyed steels up to 300 mm
  • high-alloyed steels up to 110 mm
  • aluminium and light alloys up to 50 mm
Control system:
  • photoelectric
  • CNC also with external PC computer as option

New range of PLASMOTOME machines with oxy - plasma cutting installation. High quality cutting at relatively low investment expenses, as compared e.g. with laser cutting machines.